Scientific Modelling, Application, Research, and Training for City-centered Innovation & Technology (SMART CITY)

Scientific Modelling, Application, Research, and Training for City-centered Innovation & Technology (SMART CITY) is Center for Collaborative Research (CCR) led by Universitas Indonesia (UI) focuses on Urban Development and Planning. SMART CITY becomes a program to encourage research groups, technical laboratories, and individual researchers to use interdiciplinary approaches to their work, collaborate on a global scale, and create innovation to face urban challanges.

This research is important, given the statistical data showing the human tendency of urbanization continues to increases (Source: United Nations, Department of Economic and Social Affairs, Population Division (2014). World Urbanization Prospects: The 2014). Population growth in urban areas increases the the country’s development, but on the other hand it also challenges the cities in Indonesia. These challenges include: the slow adoption of green technology, the lacking of urban infrastructures; the slow adoption of information technology in urban administration, services, and governance, and; the rapidly declining quality of life. Therefore, specific research is needed to develop smart city strategy.

UI works with various partners, such as partners of American universities, domestic universities, government agencies, NGOs, and corporates. University members of the partnership and LIPI contribute to the project by providing the necessary human resource in terms of individual researchers; technical laboratories, and; organizational capacity in terms of research and peer groups. Corporate partners contribute by providing additional resources in terms of external research funding, data acquisitions, management and the effort to bring products to commercialized markets. Government partners contribute by providing live policy-making environment for testing of models and applications of scientific and technology innovations.

The SMART CITY CCR build future work with the foundation of ongoing research roadmap under 4 core area of interest, including : energy & environment; infrastructure development, information & communication technology (ICT), & mobility, and; quality of life. The core area of energy and environment focuses on spesific goals. The core area of energy and environment focuses on energy storage systems for urban homes and buildings and sustainable urban development. The core area of infrastructure development focuses models of sustainable urban mobility. The core area of ICT focuses on extending urban healthcare services to rural areas. The core area of quality of life focuses on infrastructure , policy, and urban housing policy.


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